International Remittance


International Remittance 1. Foreign University/ College Fee Payment 2. Sending Money to an Immediate Family Member (Family Maintenance) 3. Gift Remittance to a Person Abroad 4. Living Expenses of Student Abroad 5. Visa/ Emigration/ Consultancy Fee 6. International Tour & Related Payments 7. Remittance for Medical Treatment Abroad

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Current Status: Steady revenues

Business Model: B2C

Product Description lets you book International remittance online from India by partnering with reputed Banks & Forex Companies.

A user can compare the exchange rates offered by various RBI authorized money transfer operators and book the money transfer abroad transaction with them via our online portal. 

Customers have the option to upload their KYC documents online with us which will be shared with the chosen money transfer operator for verification. They can then transfer the funds to be the chosen vendor via our payment gateway thus ensuring a safe and speedy transaction. 

100% online process to send money from India to Abroad in a safe, cheap & timely manner.

We excel in international education & family remittances. Transfer money securely at market-beating rates.