VR collaboration and Visualization platform

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Our platform let's you conduct business meeting better than in real life . Collaborate with people working remotely as if they were right with you across a conference table. Share PPT , YouTube and 3D model.

Website : http://www.vrnxt.com

Current Status: Proof of concept

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

Using our platform one can conduct meetings with others inside oursecure, real-time VR environment. Interact with objects,files and each other. Engage your audience irrespective of their physical location.

With the data visualisation tools , Users are able to see vast amounts of information, more efficiently, enabling them to spot trends and insights that cannot be seen in traditional 2D charts.

 Our immersive data analytics platform helps you see the whole picture and gain actionable insights, faster.

Our platform is easy to use , interactive , intuitive and uses the latest VR technology.

It makes collaboration, presentation, and sharing insights seamless from anywhere in the world.