SAYABOT as Covid19 security robot (break-chain-bot)

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As the pandemic Covid19 has influenced the direction of latest trends in all technology applications, in has become mandatory to maintain the new world order in every aspect of development. However as far as Robotics and automation is concerned, Covid impact has accelerated the adaption of these technologies to reduce the dependence on human beings and thereby increasing the efficiency along with the reduction of cost Three important areas where robotics and AI can support in maintaining the new normal are Social behavior, Environmental hygiene and Contact less treatment & nursing Awareness can be spread through intelligent robots deployed in public places These agents can constantly make individuals aware of the importance of personal hygiene. They can also demonstrate common practices one has to follow in maintaining personal hygiene

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Current Status: Early revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

SAYABOT  is a highly customizable humanoid robot in terms of actions, interactions and behavior.

SAYABOT as Covid19 security robot (break-chain-bot) Features and functions:

24x7 regular surveillance
Visitor Screening: The robot will stop all visitors at the entrance to ensure the body temperature is at safe limit. In case of high temperature and any Covid related symptoms, they will be advised to consult doctor and the report will be sent to authorities.
Sanitizing hands : Robot will make sure that the visitors without fever, sanitizes their hands before they enter inside . The robot will spray sanitizer to visitors' hands as they place it under robot's palm(Optional)
Gadgets disinfection: Robot will prompt the visitors allowed inside to disinfect their mobile phones, valet and other belonging by using the integrated UV disinfecting machine. (Optional)