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USE CASE 1 : End to end candidate engagement tied to the existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS Eg: Taleo, Workday, SuccessFactors) active for all major stages USE CASE 2 : Post offer engagement. Offer till on-boarding support cycle with propensity analysis and HRIS integration USE CASE 3 : Young graduate hiring cycle. Starting with campus surveys till graduate ‘On-boarding’ USE CASE 4 : Virtual and physical hiring events and recruitment drives, pre-event marketing and post event feedback/support USE CASE 5 : Hyreo as ATS and end to end candidate engagement tied to the different stages USE CASE 6 : Auto match CV from existing CV database and assess interest level and availability and recommend candidates. Schedule interviews & drive to end-to-end candidate engagement

Website : https://hyreo.com/

Current Status: Early revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

Hyreo : Build meaningful and long term relationship with candidates, while optimising recruiting team efforts 

Problem: In today's recruiting world, there exists a huge gap in candidate engagement leading to bad experience for candidates. Recruiters have limited bandwidth to stay in touch with candidates on a regular basis, which leads to candidate questions not being promptly addressed. Job applicants leave job applications mid-way or companies face lower job offer conversions. Organisations lack tools to collect and process real time feedback or candidate sentiments. HR leaders are unable to implement data backed solutions to improve processes. All of this leads to sub-optimal recruiting results and employer brand taking a hit.

Solution: Hyreo solves the problem by leveraging NLP/Chatbot technology and human behaviour science processes to create a virtual layer of assistance for candidates. Candidate have information/help at their fingertips and hiring teams can push and pull critical pieces of information to their talent pipeline. The system is 24/7 and scalable for any volume ensuring not a single candidate at any stage of the application process is missed out. Data collected is put together as enterprise data insights and dashboard for leadership team review. This process helps in building lasting relationships with candidates thereby enhancing overall employer brand.