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Textiles provide a large hosting surface area for bacteria and viruses, benefiting their carryover. Many viruses and bacteria are pathogens that can lead to severe sickness and mortality. Thousands of deaths every year can result from the transmission of pathogens. Viruses and bacteria can remain active on textile surfaces from days to months. Intelligent textile kills 99.9% of bacteria and destroys harmful viruses (such as influenza and coronavirus) in minutes. During the unlock period in Covid, people will start travelling in a) Flight b) Metros c) Cabs d) Public transports Virushield will act as a tool to protect people from the transmission of the virus to their home. As we can remove our shoe outside the home but we will enter the house or offices with clothes only. Anti-Viral clothing inhibits the virus and bacteria, thus helps in the containment of Covid-19.

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Current Status: Beta launched

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

´╗┐Anti-Viral clothing with Swiss Tech inside and Made in India, capable of inhibiting microbes on the surface including virus-like coronavirus and influenza.

Compliance: ISO 20743.

Technology Partner: HeiQ Material AG