We all know chips are easily available in the market with different tastes and also it’s an inexpensive snack, but the roll they take on your body may not be worth the pleasure. Now it’s the time to replace the normal deeply fried chips with vacuum fried chips. Now we are introducing vacuum fried jackfruit, mango ,beetroot, carrot and okra chips, to the market.

Website : https://www.wayanadans.com/index.html

Current Status: Early revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

Wayanad Organic Research Private Limited

We started this with the objective of providing quality assured healthy food products to the market as an alternative to overcome the unhealthy food culture.

We are a company that creates value-added products from fruits and vegetables such as jackfruit, carrot,okra etc. We collect fruits and vegetables from farmers directly, store them in cold storage, vacuum fry them, and sell them as needed..

As the pioneers of the technology, we introduce vacuum frying to Kerala with great pride. We manufacture a variety of vacuum fried products, including Okra Chips, Beetroot Chips, Carrot Chips, and Mango Chips etc. With our excellent research department, we continue to develop new products. We currently sell approximately ten different types of vacuum fried chips in foreign markets.

Aside from chips and Jackfruit products, we also sell about 30 other items such as tea powder, coffee powder, Arrowroot powder, honey, and so on.