Sprout Farmers App


Farmers App: The International Pepper Community (IPC), Jakarta is an inter Governmental organisation formed under the UN-ESCAP. Our software is used by them to reachout to about 10,000 farmers spread across India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sril Lanka. Farmers download this mobile application and are able to benefit from various services such as: Guidance on Sustainable Agricultural practices of multiple crops Identification and Control of Pests and Diseases Training of farmers using videos on various topics Interactive support service to answer questions from farmers at any time. Market News update Daily Price information Community Page: For farmers to interact with each other, ask doubts, showcase achievements, etc. Use Case : Government Agencies: Profile and Map the target group of farmers into a verified database. We are working with the Government of an African country to Register, profile and map over 5 million farmers. This central database of farmers will be used by the Govt to distribute benefits to farmers, by the financial institutions to provide loans to eligible farmers, etc

Website : https://traceagtech.com/

Current Status: Early revenues

Business Model: B2G

Product Description

Generate and maintain a proper database of farmers for various crops in your country

Provide a tool in the hands of the farmers that acts as a bridge between them and the research institutions/the Government machinery.  

Identification of pests and diseases: The app is pre-loaded with pictures to help pest / diseases in the field. After identification, the app provides various methods of controlling the problem. This includes preventive measure, biological control as well as chemical control.

Inform farmers about price movements and current market situations so that they are able to decide when to sell their pepper

Assist them to sell their produce. Through the mobile app they can announce the quantity, quality and the expected price for his produce. IPC will push this information into the mobile apps of all the traders who have registered. The farmers offer will also be displayed in the IPC website as well as that of the Sri Lankan spice association.

Good Agricultural Practices: Cultivational practices may vary with variety and location. The app has the capability to load appropriate recommendations based on the variety that the farmer is cultivating and also based on the location of his farm.  

Farm Recommendations: Each recommended activity is further supported with detailed write up and multiple pictures to help the farmer understand clearly how to do the activity.

Farmer Support : The farmer can request for “Support” from an Expert through the App. The farmer can include description and also picture of the problem he is facing. The experts recommendation will go directly to that farmer’s mobile phone in 24 hours.

Notification feature and also SMS Alert Feature to send important messages or alerts to farmers through the app. This could be warn of an expected adverse climatic condition or to remind of an important activity to be done in the farm.

Fertiliser recommendation for the crop will be available through the app. It will also inform farmer when and how much of a fertiliser to be applied.

Farm Diary: The farmer can enter into this diary all the activities that has been done in the field. This includes details of all pesticides applied, irrigation, harvest, etc. This module will be expanded in future to make the diary emailable to potential buyers. The buyer will have more confidence to buy from the farmer

Helping Farmers to Sell: Farmers can use the app to sell their produce. He/she can submit the quantity of produce he has, its grade and the price expectation. These offers will be compiled and shown to potential buyers through your website. Traders can login to this module to see the prices and also collect contact details of the farmers .  

Buying of Farmers’ Produce through the Traders’ Module: Traders also can log into the App to view all the offers posted by the farmers. These offers can be sorted and filtered on the basis of village, district, state, grade, quantity, price, etc. Traders can select the offers that are of interest to them and then contact the farmers with counter prices or talk to the farmer directly. Farmers in turn get to see in their app, the counter prices suggested by traders and also call up the trader to close the sale.

Price Discovery: In today’s scenario, any effort for price discovery has lot of limitations. In most situations, prices ascertained for a day is the opinion of a few individuals only and does not reflect the actual market situation. AISEF will collect daily prices through a Price Poll through the app from a wide range of players in the market. As the base for this poll is large and spread across various profiles, the prices will tend to be more accurate than ever attempted.

Offline mode feature: The app is structured work even when there is no internet. We cannot expect internet connectivity in the farms. But this should not prevent the farmers from using th app while in the farm. When there is internet, the app connects and downloads any new updates.

Separate Native apps for both Android phones and iPhones. This is to ensure faster loading of the app and to prevent lag.