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Students spend cash in their daily life. A wallet populated with cards that would work for them to manage their expenses digitally gave birth to a thought called Campus Wallet – an award-winning project with tens of thousands of students who use it on a daily basis. Integrated Payments & Collections: Traditionally, educational institutions have multiple revenue funnels, and managing the funnels, accounting, reconciliations, settlements, and reconciliation is what we do in Campus Wallets. The front end being a student/parent solution, the campus wallet has helped schools and colleges manage their funnels very effectively. We have a lot of schools and universities working on our Wallets. Our wallet system is also used by our clients like Credit AI, BFC, Khimji Ramdas internal Wallet, etc.

Website : https://www.chillarpayments.com/usecases.html

Current Status: Steady revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

We have created a Wallet framework with payments and multi-point collections integrated with the Wallet Engine