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Credit AI is a farmer lending platform for Agri inputs and Agriculture products. The farmer will be onboarded and will be presented with their application to a lending marketplace. The system will regulate and create a dossier for lending. The system enables verification as well as lending for own funds as well. Supervault is an invoice discounting platform where the invoices are discounted on the basis of their invoice value and security from the Anchor Client. The entire loan management is worked out and loans are distributed through distributed pool accounts which is a completely new model. The lending system is integrated into payment platforms through - QR codes, Mobile Apps, Back end systems, and third-party applications using IMPS / RTGS

Website : https://www.chillarpayments.com/usecases.html

Current Status: Steady revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

´╗┐Lending platform with required financial nodes to connect to regulated as well as private platforms to enable payments as well as all functions of an ERP