Envitus agriU Soil Monitors


Envitus agriU is an elegantly designed, and a cost – effective hyperlocal solution for precision farming. The device collects real-time data about crops like available NPK (Nitrogen, Phosporous,Pottasium) which is the amount of the NPK actively present in the soil. The main use of finding the Available NPK is to correctly find the crop suitable for the Soil and hence provide the farmer maximum yield.

Website : http://www.envitus.co

Current Status: Proof of concept

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

Envitus agriU Soil Monitors

With rapidly changing climatic conditions and extreme weather poses new challenges to sustainable farming. This coupled with increasing demand for agricultural output, pest and disease incidences, soil quality degradation and mismanagement of fertilizer and water resources makes farm management highly intricate.

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will enable farmers to reduce waste, optimise resource utilization and enhance productivity.

ENVITUS Precision Farming 4.0 is a holistic agronomics solution with an AI powered IoT suite. Our IoT Sensors are used for collecting big data. We use proprietary Artificial Intelligence based crop models for higher yields.

How Farmers can benefit from our agriU solution?


• Determine optimal crop selection based available NPK, soil moisture and temperature.

• Maintain soil quality for specific crops.

• Crop monitoring.

• Realtime pest and disease identification.

• Traceability & Output Predictability.

• Optimize the use of fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide application

• Enhanced productivity

• Cost reduction through efficient use of farm resources

• Reduction of air, water and soil pollution

• Use eco-friendly practices