Smart water metering solution

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Smart water metering for apartments, residential communities, individual houses and industries

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Current Status: Steady revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

RONDS water meters are designed to streamline the water usage by identifying surplus water consumption and addressing them. We intend to spread a word of awareness around conservation of water with realistic water usage metrics and hence motivating them to save water. Our bundled software allows to plan, monitor and control water consumption on a periodic basis along with remote billing and forecasting using predictive algorithms.

Ronds smart meters communicates through our patented wireless “mesh of mesh” network which extends the internet connectivity to various devices. Our platform also supports Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates that reduces the cost of maintenance of large scale IoT implementations

The major components of our smart lighting solution are listed below,

  1. Smart water meters 
  2. IoT Gateway (Collects data from each water meter   & send to server)
  3. Cloud based water management software