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Qicksale , an innovative where a store owner can sell their products both in e-commerce and retail platform , also with a billing application. It can generate the sales, inventory and almost all other reports required for a store. Admin: Small scale industries can add their own store at different locations and monitor the sales done by each locations and also the reports. Store Admin: The store can add their products and services and enable their e-commerce platform if needed. The products will be added to the e-commerce in one click. Payment Options: The customer is asked for the payment in cash or card. A bill including GST is given to the customer. We give preference to the paperless bill, which means bill will be sent to the customers by email or whatsapp. Update product Info: The backend executive can add, edit or delete the product information in the system. Update Inventory: After each sales done, the inventory get updated. The store can add the inventory items and manage according. If we set the warning limit , the notification will be given to the store to add stock items. E-commerce: The store can push their slow moving or products to the e-commerce platform for increase their sales. We can manage this at the time of adding their product or services. Token: The product have a token generation with barcode. The customer can chose his convientient timings. Billing: The billing application, generate the bills with included GST. Reports: The admin can generate all most all the reports , such as sales, income expense, inventory etc. Reviews: The customers as well as the shops can give their reviews on the products.

Website : https://www.qicksale.com

Current Status: Early revenues

Business Model: B2C

Product Description

´╗┐Qicksale is an innovative product from the infotura Innovations. It is developed in such a way that a store owner can use it as a billing tool and also a sale monitor and a sales booster tool. The store owner with stores in multiple location can view the sales of each location at any time from any where. The product has a feature which will provide them to sell their products in e-commerce platform.
The web solution will provide multiple user creation and give permissions to access the services.  It can manage the sales as well as the inventory management. The product can generate almost all the reports which is essential for a  retail store, reports such as sales report, inventory, performance income and expense report etc. The billing application which works online and offline provide a hassle free customer service. The store can push their products to sell in their own e-commerce site in one click. This product is an asset to all retail as well as wholesale stores as it promotes B2B and B2C.