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Platform to help brands to discover and monitor customer perceptions real time.

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Current Status: Steady revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

Consumer facing brands do market research to understand latest trends. With the insights brands improve customer experience, implement better marketing campaigns, do effective product launches and device forward looking strategies.

However traditional market research has two issues:

1. Takes Long Time: Traditional market research takes 1 - 3 months to arrive at actionable conclusions.

2. Biased: Traditional market research follows question answer model, which biases respondents.

Clootrack provides brands with unbiased insights to customer priorities, at real time, at 20% cost!

Clootrack does with two of their products:

1. Clootrack SmartEye

    Clootrack SmartEye analyses customer conversations from multiple channels - both internal to enterprises (emails, nps feedbacks, customer care tickets etc) and online (social media, blog comments, ecommerce reviews etc). The insights obtained are as deep as market research.

2. Clootrack SmartProbe

    Clootrack also supports an online panel of 50 million+ respondents across 100+ countries. Clootrack enables brands to send open ended questionnaire to the panel to obtain unbiased insights.