SunCruize Series Solar powered Boat

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We have created this series to help more people make the transition to solar-electric boats. The boat is suitable for small resorts. Escort your guests to have a pleasurable time on the water. Our solar boats do not any problems of pollution (air or water), it has low noise and vibration and no smell of diesel. The zero operating cost and zero maintenance make it more attractive.

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Current Status: Steady revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

In solar boats, noise and vibrations are reduced to an absolute minimum, and there is no smell of diesel or petrol fumes. so, commuters can experience a comfortable ride. The boat operators also have a much better working environment. As it has a very low operating cost and maintenance it is highly economical for the boat owners. Solar boats do not cause water pollution and hence the livelihood of people dependent on rivers and lakes like the fishing community is not affected. Also, replacing existing boats with our solar boats can reclaim damaged ecosystems.