RetailE-Commerce Enablers

This is an E commerce mobile application platform which connects Retail shop owners, Supermarkets, Bakeries, Hotels, Fish/Meat stalls, etc. to the general public customers and vice versa. The people can do their daily purchase and shopping through online from their local retailers itself with door delivery facility.

Website : http://yoppo.in/

Current Status: Proof of concept

Business Model: B2C

Product Description

Product Details

1. Currently the retail shop owners are facing adverse competition from online giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Our new mobile application addresses the threat of business volume reduction facing by the retailers in Indian cities by making the public purchase from their local shops through our mobile application. 

2. We create a mobile app platform to connect manufacturers /traders to retailers & local retailers/supermarket to general public.

3. The general public can do their daily purchase and shopping from their home/office itself and the end customer will get any product at their doorstep from their local retailers within half an hour. 

4. There is no such daily purchase mobile application right now in India which doesn't reducing any shop owners’ market share but by the same time it helps to increase the total business and it helps the end customer to get done their daily shopping requirements smoothly by sitting in their home itself.