BudMore Farm Management Software V1.2 (sale's paused)


COCKATO is the FMS (V1.2) cloud application that is in production, service customers right now.

Website : https://budmore.com/

Current Status: Steady revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

´╗┐BudMore farm management system , branded as cockato is the web based application that grabs the farm data from the Version 3.4 Automation hardware . The current version of the FMS in production is 1.2 and is capable of supporting IoT automation hardware's till version 3.4 . However, the application is nearing its end of life and will be replaced with version 2.0 in near future . 

BudMore cloud application Version 2.0 will be supported by mobile applications and will be more of a Farm ERP module with quiet a lot of advanced features