JV 50 Ventilators

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JV 50 is used in both critical care aswell as assistive breathing for Covid 19patients for providing ventilation withoxygen. Oxygen cylinders can beattached to the device in order toprovide the oxygen supply The device can also be used intransporatation of patients from oneplace to another. JV50 is alsorecommened in using as anemergency respirator with or withoutoxygen cylinders and is validated bymajor hospitals in India.

Website : http://www.machbeeinnovations.com

Current Status: Early revenues

Business Model: B2C

Product Description

Volume based Emergency Ventilatorsspeacially designed to meet thecovid 19 crisis. the device works onthe basis on an autoamated ambubag mechanical system, which isportable and compact. The deviceoperates on AC power with a largedisplay unit for the visual monitoringand controlling the deviceparameters. Each and every device iscalibrated by NABL accriditiatedagency.

Kerala Startup Mission believes thatProject Breath of Hope would be ableto save the lives of thousands ofpeople by ensuring the availability ofthe critical medical device,Ventilators during their treatmentperiod at selected healthcareinstitutions. JV50 EmergencyVentilators are developed under theproject Breath of Hope with thesupport of KSUM in 2020.

The device have following controls:

1) BPM: The BPM control knob can be usedto control the respiratory rateranging from 10 to 18 Breaths PerMinute.

2) I E Ratio: The IE Ratio control knob can beused to control the ratio ofinspiratory time to expiratory

timeranging from 1:1 to 1:2, depicted as 1and 2 respectively in the displaymodule.

3) Tidal Volume: The Tidal Volume control knob canbe used to control the tidal volumeranging from

300 ml/kg to 550ml/kg.