Pulzy Fieldsmart

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An international Fortune 100 company uses FieldSmart to do home delivery LPG cylinders in India and Cameroon • One among the largest Pharma distributors in India used Pulzy for shipper route planning • Pulzy revamped the online grocery delivery company by integrating route , vehicle planning.

Website : https://www.tebs.co.in

Current Status: Early revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

Pulzy FieldSmart is ready to go infrastructure to improve field force productivity and

Modernize/UBERize last-mile delivery of your business.

Pulzy - The ‘Autonomous Cloud Supply Chain Robot' captures customer demand using

App, chatbot & web. Through a mobile app, it also tracks the field staff and performs

Beat planning based on distance, time slot & capacity. All these without human intervention. On finding any deviations in the execution, Pulzy creates a contingency plan and broadcasts it to the management


  • Up to 22% reduction in fleets and logistics cost and complexity
  • Reduced dry outs and SLA breaches
  • Up to 80% reduction in planning & tracking time
  • Increased volume and genesis of a new distribution channel.
  • Use of Digital technology to reach the customer and increase the proximity towards the customer
  • Reduce the numbers of vehicles and staff for distribution.