PiXL Aadhar Masker

Financial ServicesBanks

It helps automates to mask first 8 digits of Aadhar Card Number.

Website : http://pixdynamics.com/pixl_aadhar_masking.html

Current Status: Beta launched

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

The existing process involved many stages of manual checking before a customer’s KYC was processed. Along with this they need to figure out aadhaar copies and masked them as per the directions from RBI. We are proud to announce that our product PiXL Aadhaar Card Masker could play such a crucially vital part in automating aadhaar card classification and extraction or segregation and finally mask the first eight-digit with minimal time. The automated process ensures the elimination of the errors which human labor could have caused, this saves the financial organizations from unnecessary fuss and provides a smooth delivery in the operations. This helps in increasing efficiency. We provided them with the best solutions. Our services will surely help the bank in not only saving time and providing the best quality but also ensured a great cost-cutting for them. Our service is highly cost-effective and can be afforded at a most reasonable price. We can assure you about the accuracy of 99% or more when compared with competitors they are not assuring more than 80% accuracy. This is the best and the suitable time to make use of PiXL Aadhaar Card Masker. We had a study on the requirement of this essential service these days. PixDynamics will be with you to help you in this toughest situation