Orion Virtual Queue

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Application generate Queues based on the settings. This system can be used Hospital, Government Organizations, Banks, Universities etc.. System is divided into different Departments and Users . Time interval to attend one customer can be define user wise desperately . Queues can be reschedule whenever required.

Website :

Current Status: Beta launched

Business Model: B2C

Product Description

  •  Both Mobile and Web interfaces available for users
  •  Regional Languages can be used
  •  Token intervals can be defined from Doctor/ Service Provider  level
  •  Queue type  (Token series at specific Interval type or continues Token Series) can be defined
  •  Queue can be re scheduled due to unforeseen incidents/emergency
  •  Multilevel Monitoring and Permissions can be enabled to manage the System(Region wise / Company wise/Department wise)
  •  Messaging integration with Both Whatsapp and SMS ( All changes and token nos , QR code Etc will be available on Web & Mobile)
  •  Customers can see the current Status of the Queue 
  •  System can be integrated with Organisation ERP systems  functions like CRM, Inventory, Accounts etc