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We provide easy web based solutions automating process flow . Workflow automation can solve serious issues of communication, collaboration, cost, and efficiency across the entire organisation. Major problems encountered by Supply chain professionals are : Uncertainties in production/market. Scattered data. Lack of Focus. Shifting priorities and missing out on items that may affect process/production Duplications in purchase, wasteful purchase. Lack of Cost control and monitoring supplier price trends. Ambiguities in specification. Percolating inefficiency through length & breadth of system. Lack of communication. Dependence on human resource & Non-availability of experienced hands. How Procuresmaart solutions help in overcoming these issues? Our solutions Smaartpurchase, Smaartstores & Inventory Management (SIM), SmaartPlan, SmaartKitting ,E Auctions , BAFO, Rate Contracts & Vendor Management if implemented will help to resolve the above cited issues . SmaartPurchase suit provides easy to use solution to raise requests & supplement with information inputs. From requisition, the RFQ module raises it to a proper bidding document to elicit required information from the bidders and thus help in taking well-evaluated decision on purchases. Suppliers & internal stakeholders can be looped in the process to ensure a collaborative decision making approach. The process flow can speeded up and errors can be eliminated effortlessly. All the information on a request can be had just in one click through Life Cycle management. Dashboards provide supervisors/management of required input easily. Regular automated alerts can be customised and can be made part of a work routine and thus procurement progress can be closely monitored. Benefits to Enterprises in implementation: Implementation of our SaaS Based Procuresmmart Services or Cloud based Procuresmmart Solutions converts your Procurement & Stores function to a Profit center. Reduction in ManPower resource : Use of simplified on-line forms, cloning facilities, offline worksheets that can be uploaded on platform, reports of PR,PO anytime in any mode extractable from the system, makes work less complicated and easy . Fast ROI : BAFO (Best and final offer ) features , Reverse Auctions, RFQs in stages provides a good framework for professional procurement & get the best rates from the suppliers and thereby gives fast ROI. Cost Savings : A standardised, single-platform solution eliminates manual mistakes and delays, and drives sizeable time and cost savings across all RFQ processes. Agility : Critical & complex procurements, project procurements etc can be organised with speed , precision & using less manpower and it can be replicated , thereby achieving maximum organisational agility . Audit Trail : System provides ample file & data storage , report generations at all levels and life cycle visibility for all process stages . Transparency & visibility provided by ProcureSmaart Solutions/ Services helps organisations to meet audit requirements.

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Current Status: Beta launched

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

Procuresmaart  provides total P2P solution right from building your specification, bidding, evaluation, selection, Prepare & release Purchase & Contract Orders, Chase orders, Payouts to vendors, integrate to your stores & manage your inventory and manage your vendors - a solution which will bring you value & quality for money spent.

Our Smart solutions include Procurement planning, Purchase Request , E-RFQ, BAFO, E-Auctions, Stores & Inventory Management , MRP & Kitting, Supplier Management, Purchase Order, Rate Contracts, Life Cycle management, Catalogue management ,  Customised Solutions Services