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Small and Medium Pharmacy Retailers, Hospitals and Distributors lack the bandwidth to afford advanced supply chain management tools or resources. Currently Purchasing, Order Management, Inventory Management and Payment processing are repeated, labor intensive efforts which often causes inefficiencies impacting their bottom line. CarePact helps our customers in healthcare Industry achieve 30% higher profitability by Supply Chain optimization, Group purchasing and back office process automation.

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Current Status: Steady revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

CarePact is a single platform ensuring seamless recurring trade between retailers, hospitals, distributors, logistic providers, and banking partners while ensuring supply chain efficiencies across the board. CarePact make use of data driven algorithms and Machine learning to automate and optimize Purchase, inventory management and payment processing among retailers, at the same time automate order management, pricing and payment collections among our distributor community in Indian Healthcare industry.

Benefits for Hospitals, Clinics and Retail Medical Shops:

  • Purchase automation: Auto generates purchase orders based on accurate demand prediction
  • Inventory Optimization: Minimizes working capital required at pharmacies and stores while eliminating out-of-stock and dead stock issues
  • Automated item receipt and Payment processing: Replicates manual efforts involved in item receipt, invoice entry, returns, ledger entry and vendor payments improving staff utilization over 60%
  • Demand Aggregation: Pools demand from multiple retailers to avail bulk volume discounts and rate contract from manufacturers ensuring best price for all medicines and consumables

Benefits for Healthcare Distributors, Stockists and Manufacturers:  

  • Expands your market reach: Generates recurring sales from extended markets without any payment collection risks
  • Supply Chain Analytics: Advanced analytics helping you to profile customers/product lines and better strategize customer-centric pricing and promotions
  • Automated Order processing: Digitalized order management ensuring minimal errors and item returns
  • Inventory Optimization: Real time demand predictions helping you to minimize working capital stuck at inventories while eliminating out-of-stock and dead stock scenarios
  • Product Data Management: an advance digital product cataloging enabling you sell your products on multiple eCommerce platforms and digital stores