Pulzy Indus

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Medium/large construction companies have to ensure resource availability, task completion effectively. Avoid cost overrun, Pulzy Indus over lock into this and by using AI algorithms it not only shows the deviation even shows the contingency plans

Website : https://www.tebs.co.in

Current Status: Ideation

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

Pulzy Indus is an AI robot to manage construction manufacturing business and reduce cost and complexity

Avoid cost overrun in industrial/ construction /manufacturing projects by using our cloud-based AI robot Pulzy Indus.


It brings AI-based visibility deviation alerts and reduced cost and operational complexity.


 Periodically aggregate work progress (vendors, sub-vendors, employees) through innovative methods

  • Forecast delivery delays and deviation from the original plan
  • Fetch dispatch status and plan route to optimize pickup
  • Broadcast  delivery, stock details to management and respective vendors
Provide complete visibility and deviation alerts proactively in command screens.

Pulzy Indus is you can monitor not just vendors but even sub vendors and has a blockchain framework to know the authenticity of materials delivered. It an easy once click data collection interfaces for vendors/sub-vendors  and also allow automated  payment processing.

Pulzy’s intelligent scheduling system also handle employee, equipment allocations and even create a contingency plan.