Universal Digital Radio Receiver Broadcast SDR Solution


Universal Digital Radio Broadcast Receiver solution for all regions/all countries using the novel concept of Software Defined Radio (SDR) with 2 US and 2 Indian patents GRANTED. Target market is Automotive Infotainment (Car radios), Consumer Radios, Smartphones.

Website : https://www.inntot.com

Current Status: Early revenues

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

Inntot Technologies is working towards a universal radio receiver solution encompassing the digital radio receiver IP solutions for all regions/countries of the world. Inntot is spearheading the digital transformation in broadcast radio and its solution is going to hit the Indian market through a major car manufacturer this year. For this car manufacturer, a projected volume of 1 million car radios will be powered through Inntot Digital Radio Receiver IP solution. Similarly, strong collaborations with some of the giants in the Infotainment industry leading to near future customer engagements are ongoing. 

Inntot has 2 US and 2 Indian patents GRANTED, which provide competitive advantage to its customers. Inntot is a winner of several prestigious awards including Industrial Innovation Awards 2017 of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)- for the Best Service Startup & Top 10 Promising Startups of India, ASSOCHAM Top 20 Startups 2019, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Enterprise Award 2019 etc.

Inntot was pre-Series A funded by Unicorn India Ventures (UIV) in 2018 and now we are actively looking for a Series-A investment of $2.25 million to take Inntot to next level.