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Enabling households and enterprise to understand and improve indoor air quality. AirU indoor solution helps in identifying, monitoring, creating awareness on air pollution from natural and anthropogenic sources. Households: Alert and notify inmates on the levels of air pollution resulting from Residential cooking, heating, and lighting with polluting fuels. Enterprises and Offices: Continuously monitor the work environment of enterprises and offices to ensure acceptable levels of air quality.

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Business Model: B2C

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Air and Heath: Indoor Air is equally bad as outdoor air

Every year millions of people die people prematurely from illness attributable to air pollution. WHO estimates that around 7 million people die every year from exposure to polluted air that causes diseases including stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and respiratory infections, including pneumonia*. Of the 7 million deaths, 4 million deaths are caused by ambient air pollution and 3 million deaths are caused by household air pollution.

´╗┐AirU Indoor is a portable air quality monitoring device that gives insights on the ambient conditions and the air you breathe. AirU indoor comes with multiple sensor configurations.