Doctors, nurses & healthcare workers, are unable to provide care during disease outbreaks without the risk of getting infected by the quarantined patients as they need multiple entry to the isolation ward for dispensing food, medicine and perform routine check-up. Health workers are not only at risk of acquiring infections but also of being a source of infection to patients. The precautions taken for protection has the following short comings 1 Multiple exposure even with PPE kits are not 100 risk free 2 Wastage of PPE kits for meeting the basic needs of the patients like food and medicine dispensing 3 Unable to receive immediate full-time care during the outbreak of epidemics 4 High overhead expenses due to protective measures used in long term. 5 Cleaning and disinfecting of the space and items used by the patients are risky and exhaustive if done manually. The introduction of such robots will reduce the risk of health workers by minimizing their exposure to the quarantine zone and reduce the usage of PPE kits in huge numbers which is already experiencing a shortage worldwide

Website : http://www.asimovrobotics.com/

Current Status: Beta launched

Business Model: B2B

Product Description

The Covid care-giver robot named as “KARMI-Bot” is an intelligent & fully autonomous service robot for isolation wards developed by ASIMOV Robotics under the MAKE IN INDIA initiative.
■KARMI-Bot is capable of autonomously navigating inside the isolation ward to transport & dispense food and medical supplies for patients under care without any human involvement.
■KARMI-Bot can also converse with the patients as well as initiate video conferencing between patients and the human caregiver/physician in remote location to enable tele-medicine if needed
■The robot is capable of disinfecting the used items during the return journey to home station using a UV disinfection box.   KARMI-Bot comes with an application and user interface to monitor the operations from distance. If required, the user can also take the control of the robot using the application. User can configure the destination points using a user interface supplied.
■ In addition, KARMI-Bot is equipped with high power disinfectant spray for cleaning the infected areas.