Solar Hybrid Boats

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A pure solar-electric boat might be limited by range, especially at high speeds. One way to extend the distance is by choosing a hybrid option. A hybrid option is also chosen if there are two speeds of operation - low speed as zero-emission and high speed in fuel mode. These boats are suitable for passenger transportation, patrolling, and rescue operations.

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Product Description

In solar boats, noise and vibrations are reduced to an absolute minimum, and there is no smell of diesel or petrol fumes. so, commuters can experience a comfortable ride. The boat operators also have a much better working environment. Solar boats do not cause water pollution and hence the livelihood of people dependent on rivers and lakes like the fishing community is not affected. Also, replacing existing boats with our solar boats can reclaim damaged ecosystems. There are three energy sources in the boat - solar, battery (grid), and generator. As a consequence of shifting from a diesel boat to a hybrid, there is a reduction in fuel consumption. The savings from this justifies the investment in making the shift to a hybrid solution.