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WhatshalliGet.com is primarily an ONLINE aggregation platform to aggregate multitudes of OFFLINE stores and bring them ONLINE to end customers through our platform. Price, time and ease of access to stores are the major problems that WhatShalliGETwould address through its unique platform. Using WhatshalliGet Application people can sit at home and connect to the stores near to them and order needs without visiting stores. The application is also a group interactive shopping solution in which every member's shopping list is shared with group members and can see the product availability, Price, and variation based on each member's location, and then the group can take effective shopping decisions.

Website : https://www.whatshalliget.com

Current Status: Early revenues

Business Model: B2C

Product Description

WhatShalliGET is an online market place for offline stores. It is the location specified and aims to create a unique shopping experience that would act as a driver to steer the economy by handholding many thousands of small, medium, and big business owners, across the globe. It is about putting in place a mechanism that would make us the largest online platform for offline stores globally.WhatshalliGet is a Catalogue centric, structured platform as against others which are store centric, The approach we have adopted will help end customers to narrow down on their requirement in a more focused manner. WhatshallIGet provides the feature for Group Shopping or Family Shopping by multiple members within groups from different stores located closer to each member's whereabouts at competitive prices. WhatshalliGet intends to provide centric inventory solution for offline and online for stores.WhatshalliGet integrates Maps and GPS to help end customers to buy from stores located within a certain distance from which they are located. No service charges levied from end customers. A small commission is charged from the Stores'.Bidding facility for Stores to bring their products up in search displays, for a small bidding fee. Effective listing solutions and inventory for the store that allowed stores to associate each other and build their catalog listing and maintain their stock with very few clicks.