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Banking the Unbanked / Reaching the Unreached

About Hitachi - NIC

Since its founding in 1910, Hitachi has responded to the expectations of society and its customers through technology and innovation. Our mission is to “Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.” Over the past 100+ years this commitment has led us to work towards creating a more sustainable society through our “Social Innovation Business”.

Problem Statement

Banking the Unbanked / Reaching the Unreached : Develop a financial service/ platform/ technology that helps drive financial inclusiveness for the masses in India. It could include any format B2B, B2C, P2P.

The deliverables include:
• Understanding of the problem statement vis-à-vis the requirements of the unserved masses in India. The scale of impact of the solution, segment of people impacted.
• The rationale behind the solution selection (benefits in deposit/lending, difference in risk assessment, alternative exchange/payment mechanism, secured-unsecured credit, collections, alternate data source, ....)
• Benefits from the current alternatives
• Validation of the problem statement through - trial run in any market/industry expert/ academia/ voice of customer.
• Innovation (technical, process..) brought to the table
• Ecosystem/ stakeholder map
• Linkage with Govt infrastructure – Aadhar, Jan-Dhan, NPCI, subsidy schemes etc..
• Regulatory requirements and challenges
• Solution architecture overview along with smart technology Interventions (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet-of-Things, Drones, Remote
Sensing, Open Data....)
• Working blueprint of the proposed solution (e.g., architectural / functional blocks overview)
• Implementation feasibility & economic viability of such a system (e.g., in terms of technology interventions, cost case, architectural overview, timeline, cost-benefit ratio, break-even analysis, entry barrier)


  • Startups registered with DPIIT

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